Unfortunately there is a gap between reading a book or attending a workshop and applying new information at work. That gap is best filled by providing a coach for the company’s project management team. The role of the coach is to:

  • Meet with the project manager regularly.
  • Review the status of the project,
  • Point out how to apply project management knowledge,
  • Expand the project managers understanding in areas that are connected with his or her current needs, and
  • Discuss current project issues and help the project manager to resolve them. .

The coach must be someone with:

  • In depth knowledge of project management,
  • A mastery of the materials condensed into Simple Project Management, and
  • A good rapport with the project manager.

One coach can work with several resources. Sometimes the best learning can come from this sort of cross pollination.

Initially we can act as the coach to several of your project managers. However, we encourage organizations to select people to prepare for that role. When they are ready to take over we may be involved as a coach to the coaches, a sort of second line of defense.

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